Wednesday, June 15, 2011

our last show in Haifa (and Israel) for at least 3 months

last chance to see us live before the long horrible summer!
our good friends and fellow whiskey abusers Uzbeks are coming back to Haifa to shake your body with the best punk'n'roll on this planet and a young local band called V.I.P will play their first show.

Wednesday 22/6/11
Syncopa Bar (Khiat 5,Haifa)

Friday, June 3, 2011

European Tour This September!

hello friends!

we are coming back to embarrass ourselves in front of old and new friends all across europe!
so if you're living in Germany,Holland,Spain,Italy,France,Czech Republic,Denmark.Sweden,Hungary,Austria or Luxemburg and you want us to play a show - don't fucking wait and contact us at !

we also almost finished recording 12 songs that will be released soon on vinyl and digital download..
we just need to add some backing bear and crow vocals and it's done!

here's a song in hebrew that we will never record:

more updates soon!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


yo yo

the past week we've been hanging around with our good friends from germany "Sergeant Dennis" and it super fun and funny actually.. we have the same low level sense of humor and we decided that we'll open a fat strip club for when you wanna get un-aroused and a genital shaped fast food restaurant for all the homophobes out there - go and lose your gay virginity,fool!
yeah we should really call this week : man vs drugs.

Mondo Gecko will be playing as well,yay!

next friday (6.5.11) there's a show in Tel Aviv @ the Rogatka with:

Not On Tour - awesome awesome hardcore punk and the greatest people ever
Mehonat Hereg - i don't know him but he's making some digital hardcore so it should be interesting..

hail satan!

Useless ID are coming back to Haifa and those who will come to see them will suffer because we'll be on the stage before them..
Kill the Drive will be there to party as well.
see you there!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


we have a video page now.

and here's Glenn Danzig buying some cat food:

Sunday, April 10, 2011


support our self-destructive habits and buy a Friday Night Sissy Fight shirt!

Yellow on Brown

Pink On Black

Black and Yellow on White

(Special Price!)

check out our shit for sale page!

our next show in tel aviv

Tuesday,April 19th,22:00 @ Levontin 7


Orel Reich drew this awesome flyer.

be there or die.

stream and download The Minimum Wage 7"!

you can stream our 4 song EP through
you can also dowload it and pay as much as you want..
(update: unfortunately we cannot accept weed though paypal.
"thanks a lot internet!")